Patagonia Collection

Textiles with a Patagonian spirit

Ayma created a collection of textiles for curtains and wallcoverings with merino wool from Patagonia.

The austral wool used for this collection is one of the most versatile and incredible ones for interior design. Apart from being natural and sustainable, the fabric is characterized by the way it drapes elegantly and its incomparable shine.

The secret of using wool for interiors

Merino wool has been used for centuries for its insulating qualities. In extremely high temperatures, the fibers warm up, release their humidity and subtly lower the temperature. Likewise, in extremely low temperatures, the wool absorbs the humidity in the air and helps to increase the ambient temperature.

On the other hand, the lanolin in sheep wool helps to improve the waterproof qualities of textiles and to reject mites and dust.

Besides, merino wool has great flexibility and elasticity, which allows it to adapt to the most varied uses with great durability, adaptability and resistance.

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