Luxury Fibers

The warmth from Patagonia and the Andes

The wonderful art of weaving with natural fibers

Ayma weaves its creations by intertwining and blending luxury raw materials. To achieve this goal the fibers used come exclusively from live animals, paying close attention to animal welfare and all the certificates and records that guarantee traceability in all the steps of production.

Patagonian fibers

From the steppes of the south of the world come fibers of the highest quality, and guanacos are among the animals that stand out the most for having one of the most exquisite fibers.

The southern Patagonia is also home to merino sheep with exceptional superfine wool. The goats from the north of Neuquén have a fleece that results in a type of mohair with incredible colors and shine.

Fibers from the Andes

South American camelids live mainly in the mountains of the Andes. Vicuñas, also called “Princesses of the Andes”, offer the most exclusive fibers in the world, with a fineness of 10 microns.

Equally, llamas and alpacas have been living in the mountain range for thousands of years. Their hairs have been valued since ancestral times for their longevity and their thermal qualities. Ayma also uses other fibers such as cotton from the Argentinean Chaco, silk and palo borracho.


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